Testing Eyepieces

Testing Eyepieces with the Sky-Watcher Dobsonian

Testing a Scope

Selfie with Celestron StarSense 80mm LT Telescope

I write product reviews for Sky & Telescope and SkyNews magazines, and for the review website AstroGearToday, where I test various cameras, telescopes, telescope mounts, eyepieces, binoculars, and software programs, as well as write instructional articles on shooting and observing the night sky. 

Below are links to free blog posts where I present selected Top Tips and Product Reviews. Click through to read them on my Wordpress blog. 

Once there, subscribe to my AmazingSky blog to receive notifications of new entries. Some will be new reviews, others will present recent astrophotos and expedition reports. 

Tips and Techniques Pages

Click on the title images to go to blogs where I present "Ten Tips for ..." various astrophoto endeavours.

Go to ... 10 Tips for Taking Time-Lapses

Go to ... Tips for Shooting Panoramas

Go to ... Tips for Processing Nightscapes

Equipment and Software Reviews

Click on the title images to go to blogs where I present my reviews and reports on cameras, software and astronomy gear. 

Go to ... Canon R6 Review

Go to ... Canon R5 Review

Go to ... Canon EOS Ra Report

Go to ... Nikon Z6 Review

Go to ... Sony a7III Review

Go to ... Canon 6D MkII for Nightscapes Review

Go to ... Canon 6D MkII for Deep-Sky Review

Go to ... Review of Canon RF Lenses

Go to ... MSM Tracker Review

Go to ... Laowa 15mm Lens Review

Go to ... 14mm Lenses Review

Go to ... Testing AI Noise Reduction Programs (2022)

Go to ... Review of 10 Adobe Alternatives (2018)

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