Preview of the Nightscapes and Time-Lapses Video Course

Contents of the Nightscapes and Time-Lapses Video Course

Some scenes from the video course

  • Video Tutorial 1
  • Video Tutorial 6
  • Video Tutorial 9
  • Video Tutorial 10
  • Video Tutorial 12

PROGRAM 1 – Choosing and Using the Right Gear

— Length    1 hour

• The best cameras to buy

• Choosing the Best Lenses

• Choosing Zooms vs. Primes

• Choosing Automatic vs. Manual Lenses

• How to Choose and Use Intervalometers

• How to Set the Best Exposure

• How to Balance Aperture, Shutter and ISO Speeds

• How to Minimize Noise

• When to Use, and not Use, Noise Reduction

• How to Focus at Night

• How to Set all other Key Camera Menu Functions!

• Plus Photo 101 Segments on:

— Exposure Basics

— File Types

— Noise Sources

PROGRAM 2 – Shooting Stills and Time-Lapses in the Field

— Length    1 hour

• Shooting at Urban Sites: Moonrises, Twilights and Conjunctions

• Software for Finding Locations and Planning Shoots

• How to Shoot Auroras

• Software for Forecasting Auroras

• How to Compose Scenes

• How to Make Use of Moonlight

• Taking Multiple Images for Focus Stacking

• How to Plan a Moonlit Shoot

• How to Capture the Milky Way

• How to Prevent – and Create – Star Trails

• How to Track the Sky for Maximum Detail

• How to Calculate and Shoot Basic Time-Lapses

• Software for Aiding Time-Lapse Calculation

• Plus Astro 101 Segments on:

— Aurora

— Milky Way

— Moon Phases

— Sky Motion

PROGRAM 3 – Processing Stills and Time-Lapses

— Length    2 hours

• Choosing a Processing Workflow

• How to Employ Non-Destructive Editing at all Stages

• Importing and Selecting Images in Adobe Bridge & Lightroom

• How to Develop Raw files in Adobe Camera Raw & Lightroom

• How to Apply Advanced Settings – Dehaze, Lens Correction

• How to Apply Masked Local Adjustments & Graduated Filters

• How to Use Photoshop for Advanced Editing

• How to Use Smart Filters and Adjustment Layers

• How to Mask the Ground and Sky for separate editing

• How to Layer and Mask Multiple Exposures

• How to Layer Tracked and Untracked Exposures

• How to Stack Star Trails using Photoshop or specialized programs

• How to Export Intermediate Sets for Time-Lapses

• How to Assemble Time-Lapse movies using Photoshop and other programs

• How to Create an “Accumulating” Star Trail Movie

Total length of all programs  — 4 hours 

The course is available for purchase from All-Star Telescope for:

• $79.95 Canadian, as both streaming and digital downloads, or for

• $99.95 as video files (playable on a Mac or Windows PC) on a shipped USB memory stick

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