2023 Amazing Sky Calendar


Click on one of the images at left to download a free PDF of my 12-month 2023 AmazingSky Calendar. It is a 40-megabyte download handled via DropBox.

A DropBox page opens with the Calendar. Then select Download to get the PDF on your computer. Print the PDF locally if you would like a printed version. 

The Calendar features 14 of my favourite astrophoto images from 2022, and monthly pages that highlight the best sky events for 2023, with an emphasis on naked-eye and photogenic events. 

Thanks! And clear skies in 2023! 

For detailed contents listing, go to NightScapes and TimeLapses ebook

How to Photograph & Process

NIGHTScapes and TIMELapses

My ebook shows you how to take beautiful still-image "nightscapes" by moonlight and starlight, and how to shoot time-lapse movies of the night sky. Extensive step-by-step tutorials cover how to process still images and time-lapse movies. 

It is available in two versions:

As a single-volume multimedia ebook for Apple Books

The Apple Books edition contains: 18 embedded HD videos of time-lapse examples  / 50 step-by-step tutorials on processing images / Numerous Photo 101 and Astro 101 sections on the basics of photography and astronomy / Reviews of time-lapse gear and instructions on how to use intervalometers and motion-control gear.

$27.99 U.S. (available in Apple Books Stores worldwide — I don't sell this edition here)

OR ...

For detailed contents listing, go to NightScapes and TimeLapses PDF Edition

As a 2-volume PDF set

The two-volume PDF set is suitable for all devices, with the same content as the Apple iBooks edition.

Volume 1 deals with shooting techniques for stills and movies.

Volume 2 presents the step-by-step image and movie processing tutorials.

Volume 1: How to Photograph NIGHTScapes and TIMELapses

425 pages    $14.95 U.S.

Volume 2: How to Process NIGHTScapes and TIMELapses

425 pages    $14.95 U.S.

Available for purchase and download via the links below, thru the eJunkie e-commence service.

Tap/Click on the cover images to go to a page with all the contents listed in detail. 

Buy Volume 1 PDF Edition

Buy Volume 2 PDF Edition

Go to The Backyard Astronomer's Guide page

The Backyard Astronomer's Guide

Revised 4th Edition

Published in September 2021

"If you were to own only one book on amateur astronomy, this is it.”

Sky & Telescope magazine

This 416-page print book provides a complete guide to the hobby of amateur astronomy, answering such questions as:

• Which telescope should I buy?

• What accessories do I need?

• How do I find my way around the sky?

• What can I expect to see through my telescope?

• How can I take pictures of the sky?

$49.95 U.S. and Canada (suggested retail)

Tap/Click on the cover image to go to a page with all the contents listed in detail.

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