still image and time-lapse photography

My images and videos of the night sky take in the wide range of sky phenomena, from the Milky Way above 360° landscapes, to close ups of distant nebulas and galaxies. I take images for use as illustrations in my book projects and workshops. But I also shoot for clients such as National Parks wanting unique images of their scenic wonders by night. Please check the searchable galleries at my Photoshelter site (where images can be purchased under license), and my time-lapse video compilations at my Vimeo Channel, such as ...

tips, techniques, and tutorials

For summaries of the main techniques, and the hardware and software I use in shooting and processing images, check out my web pages and videos linked below. They provide mini-seminars on how to shoot the night sky.

purchasing and licensing images and videos

To purchase or license copies of my still images for personal, educational or commercial use, please visit my searchable Gallery site at, which provides direct sales and fulfilment of orders. For licensing of video clips, please contact me.