PROGRAM 1 – Choosing and Using the Right Gear


    •    The best cameras to buy

    •    Choosing the best lenses

    •    Choosing zooms vs. primes

    •    Choosing automatic vs. manual lenses

    •    How to choose and use intervalometers

    •    How to set the best exposure

    •    How to balance aperture, shutter and ISO speeds

    •    How to minimize noise

    •    When to use, and not use, noise reduction

    •   How to focus at night

    •    How to set all other key camera menu functions!

    •    Plus Photo 101 segments on:

Exposure basics, File types, Noise sources


PROGRAM 2 – Shooting Stills and Time-Lapses in the Field


    •    Shooting at urban sites: moonrises, twilights and conjunctions

    •    Software for finding locations and planning shoots

    •    How to shoot auroras

    •    Software for forecasting auroras

    •    How to compose scenes

    •    How to make use of moonlight

    •    Taking multiple images for focus stacking

    •    How to plan a moonlit shoot

    •    How to capture the Milky Way

    •    How to prevent – and create – star trails

    •    How to track the sky for maximum detail

    •    How to calculate and shoot basic time-lapses

    •    Software for aiding time-lapse calculation

    •    plus Astro 101 segments on:

Aurora, Milky Way, moon phases, sky motion



PROGRAM 3 – Processing Stills and Time-Lapses


    •    Choosing a processing workflow

    •    How to employ non-destructive editing at all stages

    •    Importing and selecting images in Adobe Bridge & Lightroom

    •    How to develop Raw files in Adobe Camera Raw & Lightroom

    •    How to apply advanced settings – Dehaze, Lens Correction

    •    How to apply masked Local Adjustments & Graduated Filters

    •    How to use Photoshop for advanced editing

    •    How to use Smart Filters and Adjustment Layers

    •    How to mask the ground and sky for separate editing

    •    How to layer and mask multiple exposures

    •    How to layer tracked and untracked exposures

    •    How to stack star trails using Photoshop or specialized programs

    •    How to export intermediate sets for time-lapses

    •    How to assemble time-lapse movies using Photoshop and other programs

    •    How to create an “accumulating” star trail movie




The price of the package of three programs is  $79.95 for the digital downloads, or $99.95 for a shipped USB drive.



To order the tutorials, either as downloads or on a shipped USB drive, go to the All-Star Telescope website.


Or the videos can be purchased from Vimeo as streaming or downloadable files.

Our Video Series


Our new set of tutorial videos shows you how to shoot and process great nightscape images and time-lapse movies of the night sky. The 6-minute video here provides a preview of the content.


The series consists of three programs totalling 4 hours of instruction. The tutorial videos are available both as a digital download and on a USB drive.


We take you from an urban location, then out to rural scenic sites to show you how to shoot the full range of images possible – from moonrises in the city, to moonlit star trail scenes in the country, then to Milky Way nightscapes at remote dark-sky sites.


In the studio we discuss what equipment to buy, and how to process images using Lightroom, Camera Raw, and Photoshop, all using non-destructive techniques such as adjustments layers and masks.


The series will take you on a step-by-step progression from easy to more challenging subjects and techniques.


You’ll start out as a novice but end up an expert.