PROGRAM 1 – Choosing and Using the Right Gear


    •    The best cameras to buy

    •    Choosing the best lenses

    •    Choosing zooms vs. primes

    •    Choosing automatic vs. manual lenses

    •    How to choose and use intervalometers

    •    How to set the best exposure

    •    How to balance aperture, shutter and ISO speeds

    •    How to minimize noise

    •    When to use, and not use, noise reduction

    •   How to focus at night

    •    How to set all other key camera menu functions!

    •    Plus Photo 101 segments on:

Exposure basics, File types, Noise sources


PROGRAM 2 – Shooting Stills and Time-Lapses in the Field


    •    Shooting at urban sites: moonrises, twilights and conjunctions

    •    Software for finding locations and planning shoots

    •    How to shoot auroras

    •    Software for forecasting auroras

    •    How to compose scenes

    •    How to make use of moonlight

    •    Taking multiple images for focus stacking

    •    How to plan a moonlit shoot

    •    How to capture the Milky Way

    •    How to prevent – and create – star trails

    •    How to track the sky for maximum detail

    •    How to calculate and shoot basic time-lapses

    •    Software for aiding time-lapse calculation

    •    plus Astro 101 segments on:

Aurora, Milky Way, moon phases, sky motion



PROGRAM 3 – Processing Stills and Time-Lapses


    •    Choosing a processing workflow

    •    How to employ non-destructive editing at all stages

    •    Importing and selecting images in Adobe Bridge & Lightroom

    •    How to develop Raw files in Adobe Camera Raw & Lightroom

    •    How to apply advanced settings – Dehaze, Lens Correction

    •    How to apply masked Local Adjustments & Graduated Filters

    •    How to use Photoshop for advanced editing

    •    How to use Smart Filters and Adjustment Layers

    •    How to mask the ground and sky for separate editing

    •    How to layer and mask multiple exposures

    •    How to layer tracked and untracked exposures

    •    How to stack star trails using Photoshop or specialized programs

    •    How to export intermediate sets for time-lapses

    •    How to assemble time-lapse movies using Photoshop and other programs

    •    How to create an “accumulating” star trail movie



Our Nightscape and Time-Lapse Video Course


Our set of tutorial videos shows you how to shoot and process great nightscape images and time-lapse movies of the night sky. The 6-minute video here provides a preview of the content.


The series consists of three programs totalling 4 hours of instruction. The tutorial videos are available both as a digital download and on a USB drive.


We take you from an urban location, then out to rural scenic sites to show you how to shoot the full range of images possible – from moonrises in the city, to moonlit star trail scenes in the country, then to Milky Way nightscapes at remote dark-sky sites.


In the studio we discuss what equipment to buy, and how to process images using Lightroom, Camera Raw, and Photoshop, all using non-destructive techniques such as adjustments layers and masks.


The series will take you on a step-by-step progression from easy to more challenging subjects and techniques.


You’ll start out as a novice but end up an expert.


$79.95 or $99.95


To order the tutorials, either as downloads or on a shipped USB drive, go to the All-Star Telescope website.