Reader Comments
"Alan's book is more or less the complete new Standard Reference for time-lapse and night-sky imaging."
"The Backyard Astronomer's Guide is not just great but covers every subject in clear detail. You will not be sorry if you buy this book."
"If you want one book to tell the story of NASA's Mission to the Moon, this is it."

books on astronomy and astrophotography

I have authored or co-authored several traditional print books on astronomy and the hobby of backyard stargazing. First published in 1992, The Backyard Astronomer's Guide continues to be revised and reprinted, ranking as the best-selling and highly-acclaimed guidebook for amateur astronomers.
A new ebook on the hugely popular field of nightscape and time-lapse photography is now available through Apple's iBookstore for Apple Mac and iPads. Its rich multimedia and interactive content currently prevents it from being available through Amazon or Google Books for other ebook readers such as Kindles and Android devices.